Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2012

     This new bloggity-blog thing seems like a good way to hold oneself accountable to New Years resolutions. Here they will be archived, protection courtesy the guise of the public eye - making it hard to forget about them a year from long as I have maintained this.
Here they are, in a sort of particular

1. Keep up with my bloggity-blog

2. Apply theories of Henri Bergson when approaching music, art and entertainment. The refraction of this critical lens is still in development but the general idea is to isolate everything. Songs, television episodes, texts, films and singular works of visual art are not only to be separated from their maker (re: Barthes) but from all previous works and histories to which it pertains. Evaluate everything as an autonomous player - operating from an assigned seat in history and armed with what his mama gave 'em. All art is an orphan. This is more of a practice than anything close to dogma....yet. Meanwhile it will lessen reactionary impulses and dismiss the authority of preconceived notions. This has surely closed me off from some inspired moments in the past. Good exercise.

3. Spend less time compartmentalizing ideas. Throw all them shits together. Less placing and more tossing. Put it in the wrong drawer! Sit back and watch the novel juxtapositions partner-up.... things ne'er before considered (this is as close as I get to cut-up right now). I waste too much of my damn precious time organizing, thoughts and things, anyway. Which brings me to....

4. Practice utilitarianism and apply it's central principle to time management. Utilitarianism states that what is best for most is best for all. All decision-making must ultimately consider this to maintain the integrity of the philosophy. Of course this may result in varying degrees of collateral discomfort for the individual; ideally taken in stride as temporal dues. I have fancied myself a subscriber to this process although I am no "headbanger of morality" (copyright TIWWAH 2012). I like rules and go to utilitarianism for the sensible blanket dialectic it suggests. When faced with a decision, weigh the positive outcome potential for each option and choose accordingly. This structural initiative at the core of utilitarianism is pleasantly operable in everyday scenarios and a welcome relief when things get ethically sticky. Now I am going to further whittle it down and personalize it. iUtilitarianism ya'll!
What is best for the most is best for all.
Highlighted words can be replaced with EMM / ASE / US / goals / productivity / plans / / / /
I am EMM, he is ASE and US is EMM and ASE.
5. Say "fuck it" more

6. Say "fuck it" less

7. "Get Fat!" (for you Grandma!)