Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mommy, What is a Skrillex?

     What am I going to say when my child asks me this? I mean, it's complicated...I feel like I know but I don't really know.

     And so it goes for a lot of music I read about or hear of; my musical investment (being in a band, cultural interest, devouring music magazines) by default provides a cache of band names in which I am aware of their existence yet never actually hear the music. My listening routine has no built-in program for immersion here. I don't download music, I just don't. These bands or musical acts become fodder for in-jokes, supplementing the known with presumptuous banter, more often than not on target, and spontaneous game-like inventions to conjure up the sound. Of course this speaks loudly to being out of touch, to which we sporadically try to rectify.

     So it went when Spin magazine blindsided us with Skrillex on the front cover a few months back. What is Skrillex? We had never even heard the name before. Soon every questionable sound was met with, "is it Skrillex?" Static, creaks, loud unexplained rumbles outside...Skrillex? When it went as far as any questionable anything being potential Skrillex, we tapped out to YouTube to end the madness. For this, I was unprepared....

     The Skrill Cell was amaaaazing!