Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ted Nugent Says Stop Snitchin'

     Less than five minutes into Metal Evolution: Early Metal US, Ted Nugent burps the name of the President of the United States.  

     This VH1 series chronicles heavy metal's ascent as maneuvered by host Sam Dunn and his questionable childlike wonder, considering the metal lifer also has a degree in anthropology.  It seems the arrangement was for him to ask "why" and forget about applied knowledge. For instance, if Steppenwolf is allowed an uncontested bid for founder of the genre because "Born to Be Wild" incidentally links heavy to metal to thunder as lyrics (and they didn't even write the song).......what does Mr. Dunn think about the fact that my first word was "NWOBHM" ????

     Anyway, Nugent's ructus exactus and the profile that followed sparked some cognitive dissonance, further rattled when we caught a video clip of him and Rosie O'Donnell, in a South Park waiting to happen, "debate" health care. Is he funny? Has he lost his mind? Is he a refreshing maverick individual or another dumb ass with a platform?

So we figured out a way to form an opinion. I am going to call this:

How to Judge People - Qualifyin' Nuge

Materials Needed:
VH1 Behind the Music on Ted Nugent
 Dry Erase Board

Every time Nugent says something to the camera, determine if the particular sentiment elicits a positive, negative or neutral reaction.   A side bar can be kept for additional notes and bits of information not explicitly conveyed by Nugent but regarding him, to be held for consideration before final review.

Positive :  15
Negative:  11
Neutral:     3

Statistical analysis erred on positive and we came off the test with a resounding bad taste in our mouths.
This is a bad way to judge people.
But funny like the Geico insurance taste tests.