Thursday, August 9, 2012

With an IV in my arm I took a picture for an album cover

The best time I ever has at SXSW was when I almost got swept up into the Ghetto Boys posse as they stepped down 6th Street. FUBAR from a square kid's cereal treat, my only assurance that I was actually walking was through checking in with the crowd's velocity. I only had a minute (or millisecond or half-hour) with Bushwick Bill as my reality parole officer before my band mate, kindly waiting for me to catch up with the group, was the next. I wasn't following him when I moved down to Memphis last year, but considering my obsession with "Ever So Clear"- developed around the same time, I might as well have been. Is Bushwick gettable?

".......Now I'm lookin for somebody to take my pain out on
But not just anybody, gee
I'ma take that on to Mica cos she's the closest to me
Full of that Ever-Clear and high on that buddah
Get to the house all I'm thinkin bout is shootin her
Cos shootin her would be sweet
But you know what'd be sweeter? if I make her shoot ME

Call me crazy, but that's what I'm thinkin
I'm trippin from all that smokin weed and drinkin
But I knew she wouldn't do it on her own, so I provoked her
Punched her, kicked her, and chocked her
She still wouldn't grab the gun
And at that time I wasn't thinkin about no one
Damn near crazy I went and grabbed the baby
Held him by the door and said i'ma throw his ass out, hoe
She went to cryin, somebody stop him

I said: you better grab the muthafuckin gun or i'ma drop him
She snatched the baby out of my hands
We started fighting, punching, scratching, and biting
When we fell on the bed, check this shit
All kinds of crazy shit was goin through my head
So I ran and got the gun and came back to her
Loaded it up and handed the gat to her
I grabbed her hand and placed the gun to my eye muscle
She screamed stop and then we broke into another tussle
Yo, durin the fight the gun went off quick
Damn! aw shit, I'm hit

     (Aw... my eye, I can't see
           Why you shot me in the eye?
                I woulda shot you in the body
                         Why you shot me in the eye?)

Ridin in the ambulance everything is hectic
I can't get a grip, I just can't check this
Everybody's cryin, could it be I'm dyin
Bullet in my head, in the bed was lyin
Where's Mica? I wanna tell her I love her

With an IV in my arm I took a picture for an album cover"