Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wu-Tang in Texas

Scottish pop bands do the darndest things but Texas takes the cake. First we have the adorably pretentious caveat that their name came from Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas - which is a lot like naming your band "&" with the explication that it came from peanut butter & jelly. Then they were all... no, walk THIS way and Sharleen here will bring the noise in their 1998 collaboration with Wu-Tang, "Say What You Want (All Day, Every Day)". While Run DMC was inspired by Logan's Run (it was Darryl, Mizell and Cimmons favorite movie) and Anthrax refused to let terrorism strip them of nomenclature, their respective rap/not rap forays were unregulated experiments at best, resulting in a bevy of irrelevant clones and the discerning public asking, where is that Sandman with the white envelopes? This song results in driving windows-down, ciggy-in-hand, past the destination, changing gears with your foot, unapologetic. Your crooked ass saying: Make love, if you love someone, make them love you.