Thursday, September 13, 2012

Open Hand - Trench Warfare & d'Eon - Al-Qiyamah

New "Prayer to God"
-because the old one is C.O.B.A. 
(Co-Opted By Assholes)

And I hate to ruin the evening prayer on the Internet, but checkout this mind-numbing explication of “Al-Qiyamah” from some  website called The Tune which claims to “filter through all of the overhyped hipster bullshit to bring you the best new pop, rock and indie songs.”

…the song is very, very difficult to describe --- trust me, I tried. Then I pressed backspace. It’s best you just listen below and figure it out for yourself…I have a feeling “Al-Qiyamah” will affect every listener in different ways. –

Maybe this one can’t describe the song, but he/she nails, uh…new criticism. This whole hipster backlash thing seems pretty overhyped from here.