Monday, October 14, 2013

Not Seeing Frances Ha: A Review

I had loose plans with myself to go see Frances Ha a few weekends ago; this was primarily because it would have been free and some people strongly encouraged "a me" to do so: "You would love it", etc. Something was holding me back from committing two of my weekend hours to this idea. Instead, the betrothed and I stayed in and rented Last Days Here, the documentary about Pentagram lead singer Bobby Liebling.

Shortly into this film I realized it represented my anxiety about watching Frances Ha in reverse. Through trailers and reviews and commentary, I had gathered Frances Ha was about a girl not living up to her potential in New York City. It appeared guilty of the plausible personal income versus quality of apartment incongruity. High heels and the afflicted woman, glamorized in greyscale: Easy-to-mock, irritating nonetheless.

"What do you do?"
"It's kinda hard to explain."
"Why, because what you do is complicated?"
"Uhh...because I don't really do it."
This bit of dialogue from Frances Ha–okay, from the trailer for Frances Ha, is charming, but only due to it's jokeyness. Incongruity: Resolution.