Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Metal Friday

Burzum, The Cupcake Tapes

A below average tolerance for shopping plus above average aversion to crowds finds me home each "Black Friday" without question. November 29, 2013 was spent on the computer, writing, with periodic YouTube breaks to build the playlist that turns around increasing productivity. As stated here, "the ideal mix provides a nexus of knowns and unknowns...with a welcome earworm stimulant every hour on the hour." For this I visit the choice Internet DJs I depend on to rearrange the familiar as strange. But sometimes sources are tapped, or delinquent (do you get holidays off? on the internet?), or otherwise, and I scour any genre without top heavy vocal lyrics on YouTube. 

"Focus Grind" is composed out of of Black Metal. I was cruising, clocking 2,000 words when all instrumentation minus the guitar lead cuts out in Burzum's "Black Spell Of Destruction." Varg Vikernes continues to scream, and an ironic holiday tradition takes shape.