Friday, September 11, 2015


Feminists have often claimed a moral equivalence for sexual and racial prejudice. There are certain affinities; and one or two of these affinities are mildly, and paradoxically, encouraging. Sexism is like racism: we all feel such impulses. Our parents feel them more strongly than we feel feel them, Our children, we hope, will feel them less strongly than we feel them. People don’t change or improve much, but they do evolve. It is very slow. Feminism (endlessly diverging, towards the stolidly Benthamite, towards the ungraspably rarified), the New Man, emotional bisexuality, the Old Man, Iron Johnism, male crisis-centers—these are convulsions, some of them necessary, some of them not so necessary, along the way, intensified by the contemporary search for role and guise and form.

–Martin Amis, “Zeus and the Garbage,” London Review of Books, December 1991
What's happening in (the name of) Feminism right now (online) is unbelievably disappointing. But who to blame? Perhaps the Internet, is just happening to Feminism.

Hopefully, the medium that brought us Pinterest and Twitter (a.k.a. Betty Crocker's second coming and click-bait Feminism) is causing but convulsion—a plot-miss, along the way to a better society.

Seriously bitches. well-behaved women rarely make history on Pinterest, and more followers won't make your life better.