Friday, March 2, 2012

It Might Get Shitty.

(continued from Mommy, what's a Skrillex? , kinda)

     Superbowl Sunday '12 was spent at mom's but instead of having wings we had defining types of music listeners.

Here is what we came up with:

Co-workers - Barely buy CD's or MP3's, maybe have a satellite radio in their car, maybe an iPod but it was probably a gift or purchased as a fetish object. The radio is their #1 source for new music and that is FM radio waves. Music isn't considered. They listen to the radio in their home. When asked about their personal taste, they "like a little bit of everything".... "EXCEPT country."

Name TBA - Music is considered but any purity in reasoning has been convoluted. These people chose music at some point in life, usually high school or immediately after (when people think they have to choose between music and sports). This functions, naturally, to form their social group. Optimistically, there was an authentic kernel of interest in music informing this decision but sooner rather than later, they lose the plot. Already engrained in a social/genre setting (it occurs at varying degrees in every music genre) they craft their "top 20" (definitely have iPods, probably don't have a record player) from their peers....o
kay, blogs... okay, Pitchfork. It is also worth noting that they are probably barflies and barnacles.

Retirees - Differ from the above because they had a real vested interest in music for their formative years and beyond. They were either in bands, music writers or had some other crucial role in the biz. At so
me point and for varying reasons (domesticity, "real" job, loss of spirit) they loose the knack for discernment. The muscle isn't exercised, therefore they are agreeable to new diluted trends and have no drive to delve into histories. They stopped buying records and what is left of their collection is in a closet, basement or man cave.

Real Music Fans (RMFs) - You know who you are, 'nuff said.