Saturday, June 16, 2012


is my favorite band name of all time. A noise band out of Nashville, they came to my attention around 2003 when they played at the BLD, an experimental/noise underground venue in Columbus, Ohio. Times New Viking were welcome at the BLD, and we relished in being the most structurally normal band on any given line-up. It turns out that Angela Messina and Derek Schartung, the noise power couple that is Tan As Fuck, first got their tubes warmed up in a grassroots song-type band not unlike TNV, as Cornfed. Now check your synchronicity at the door, because this was revealed to me eight years after giving Tan as Fuck the nominal blue ribbon, in part of our* endless conversation, which grazed the topic of band names and pivoted on the disclosure of my all time fave. Andrew Earles (*the other in our) released Cornfed's debut 7" in 1997 on his Resort Theory Entertainment.